Every year 106.7 KBPI has their annual Metal Shop promotion. This year, we are their proud sponsors for the tenth year of this awesome giveaway. Listeners to Willie B's morning show (6am-10am) are able to vote on the color we will paint the car, and have a chance to win the car by obtaining keys which are given away. Every weekday between March 3rd until April 4th, listeners for the cue to call and the 106 caller will score a qualifying key.

This is the day Willie B dropped off the 1992 BMW 325i!
Another view from the day Willie dropped the car off. Initially it doesn't look too bad...
This is what we found upon further inspection! This vehicle has been hit hard in the rear.

This shows another shops poor prior repair. These tail lamp pockets will need to be replaced.
Another view of the torn and rusted tail lamp pockets.
This is the E36 BMW on one of our frame machines. The car was previously in a rear end collision with substantial uni-body damage. This image depicts the rear of the uni-body being straightened and aligned.

In this photo we have repaired and aligned quarter panels and rear floor pan. This repair also included replacement of the rear body panel. This is a component which requires total precision and accuracy when being installed as it is a welded on part that essentially creates all lines and gaps between panels in the rear.
Another view from the frame machine.
A view of the left rear while the vehicle is on our frame machine.

Here we have the car completely torn down, ready for exterior primer, and the painting of all of the areas we consider to be "jambs".
Another view, ready to be have the jambs painted!
This photo depicts all of the removable parts being painted in our paint booth. This includes all doors, fenders, deck lid, and the underside of the hood. Even though these parts look very dark now, as more pearl is applied the color begins to change. First to purple, then more and more blue.

The car is all masked up in the booth ready to be jambed!
This is an awesome photo showing a very important step in doing things the "right" way. Here you can see all of the insides of the parts, gutters, and anything that would normally be covered when the vehicle fully assembled, has been painted. After we paint this step with all of the parts off, the vehicle is re-assembled and taken back into the paint booth to have the exterior panels painted.
Here is the finished product! (kind of) As you can tell we have all trim, handles, moldings, and glass removed from the vehicle. This is the process we adapt so that there will be no open masking on exterior painted surfaces. We have all coats of paint and clear coat applied here. The car is ready to be taken back to our body repair side of the shop and reassembled.

Willie B is picking up the car 90% finished and taking it to the other vendors. It will come back to us for the final touches before it's given away!
A view from the left front.
One last one from the Left Rear. We will add new pics of the completed project soon!

This 1969 Ford F100 belongs to a man named Dallas. In February of this year, at the young age of 52, he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and given 4-12 months to live. Dallas' grandfather purchased this truck brand new in 1969. He shared memories with me of when he was a child riding on the wheel well in the bed going fishing with his grandfather on nice days. Dallas' wish was to have the truck restored and give it to his daughters, Madison and Kayleine, before he takes his last breath here on earth. We were honored to be invited to complete the work on this truck for Dallas and his family, by Willie B and KBPI. We are currently accepting donations for this project, and Dallas and his family here at the shop or if you'd like to call in we can accept your credit card over the phone! We are estimating our cost on this restoration to be somewhere between $4500.00-$5500.00. We would love to have anyone who is willing to donate also sign a picture of the truck here at the shop in person, that will go with the truck when it is returned to Dallas. Come on down and help out!!
Halfway through day 1 on Dallas' F100! It's coming along very well!!! Thank you to all who have come in and donated so far today!
Here is another picture from the front!